Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gynecomastia Surgery-The Dynamic Approach

Gynecomastia Surgery and the Dynamic Approach

Gynecomastia surgery be performed in many ways.  A variety of factors  go into the technique that a surgeon selects. It may depend on the anatomy of the patient, the severity of the gynecomastia, the patient's desires and the surgeons experience and skill.

A concern that I hear  from men are the change in the nipple region when the arms are raise above the head or the muscle is flexed.  Eventhough it looks great in the normal arms down position, the other postion look somewhat abnormal.  This is due to scar tissue which results from surgery and the removal  of the breast and fat tissue.

The "dynamic approach" will remove the glandular tissue which results in a crater, then the fat tissue on either side is sewn together which closes the space.  This results in a more normal  look when the arms are raised and less of a abnormal look with muscle contraction.  This procedure can be performed through a small incision.  This dynamic technique can not be done for all patients.  The photos below show an intra operative case.

Gynecomastia Surgery San Francisco
Pull Through with small incision

Gynecomastia Surgery San Francisco
Profile of Dynamic Procedure

After Dynamic Procedure

The gynecomastia treatment with the emphasis on dynamics must be discussed with  in advance.  This is a very good procedure and with  high patient satisfaction.

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